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Getting Started with Google's Chromecast

The Chromecast is Google's alternative to the Apple TV.  While it has fewer features and costs less than an Apple TV, it still allows you the ability to stream content from your computer to the LCD projector wirelessly.  This makes it a viable alternative for the Chromebooks, which are not compatible with the Apple TVs.

Connecting to the LCD Projector wirelessly via Chromecast requires the Chromecast Extension in Google Chrome.  Don't have the Chromecast extension on your computer?  Check out these steps to install it on your browser.  Students using the Chromebooks should have the Chromecast extension installed on their machines by default.

"Casting" your tab is easy!  Just click on the Chromecast extension.  The extension will give you a list of Chromecasts on the network that you can connect to; there should only be one though ("4th Grade").  Click on it. The Chromecast icon should show up on the LCD projector to let you know that it is loading.  When it is done, you should see your current tab open on the projector!

To disconnect, click back on the Chromecast extension icon, which is now blue (so you know it is on).  In the box that appears, click on "Stop casting."

There is one option that you may consider useful.  If the network appears to be running slowly, or your computer is running especially slow while you are casting, click on the Chromecast extension icon, and look for the gear.  When you click on that, you will be presented with three quality settings.  If you can, bump your quality down a little bit. This will reduce the stress on the network and on your computer.  Try avoiding the "Extreme" quality setting if you can.