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Send files to another iPad with AirDrop

There are a lot of options for getting documents, photos, videos, and more, from one iPad to another iPad or laptop.  Google Drive is one of those options, and it is a good one if you want to share a project with other students and teachers in our district.  But what if you just need to send that file to another device?  Apple's AirDrop feature makes that possible on our iPads, and new this year, our MacBooks!  This page outlines the process of sending files from iPad to iPad only.  iPad to MacBook and MacBook to iPad requires an additional step of setting up iCloud Drive on both devices, so see me about setting that up for you if you are interested.

There is one thing that we need to check real quick before we send a file from one iPad to another.  Remember how we swipe up from the bottom of our screen to bring up the control center to connect to the Apple TVs?  We do the same thing to check our AirDrop settings.  When you swipe up, your screen should look a little like this:

In the control panel on the bottom of your screen, it will say "AirDrop," along with the level of privacy enabled for AirDrop.  This setting determines which devices can see your iPad and send you stuff on the network.  We should make sure that that setting is set to Everyone (it should be by default); otherwise, the two iPads may not be able to find each other.

Now, I want to send a photo from my iPad to another iPad.  I start by going to the Photos app, and finding and tapping on the photo I want to send.  I should see a screen that looks like this:

If you notice in the bottom-left corner, there's the Share button!  Let's press it.

You'll notice a number of options for sharing, including social media, email, and Google Drive.  In the middle of your screen, you should also temporarily see the AirDrop icon.  As your iPad finds other devices to share with on the network, that icon will be replaced by those devices.  After that, it's a matter of tapping on all of the iPads that you want to send that photo to, and they will begin transferring.  That's right:  you can send multiple photos, videos, documents, and more, to an entire class of iPads, all at once!

One final thing:  when you send a file to another iPad through AirDrop, a pop-up box will appear on their iPad asking them to receive the file.  As soon as they press accept, the file will begin transferring.  Photos and videos can be accessed in their Photos app, just like they are on yours.