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Connecting to Apple TV - iPad

Where equipped, Apple TVs make it possible to connect your device to the LCD projector wirelessly!  This means that you don't have to be up next to the projector cart at all times in order to use it; you can set your device down and move around the room as much as you need to!  In fact, the Apple TV now makes it possible for students to connect their devices to the projector, right from their own desks or tables!  That means a new level of sharing, with more convenience and more access for students than ever before.

To connect to the Apple TV from your iPad, begin by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.  This brings up the Control Center.

On the bottom of your screen, just below the Bluetooth icon, moon and rotation lock icons, you should see where it says AirPlay.  When you press it, a list of all AirPlay-connected devices will appear.  These are all of your Apple TVs in the building.  Tap on the Apple TV you want to connect to, then tap the slider next to where it says "Mirroring."  

The Apple TVs use a simple passcode system so that you don't connect to an Apple TV that you can't see in front of you.  When you select the Apple TV you want to use, the passcode will show up on the projector; simply type the passcode into the box that shows up on your iPad.

 What appears on your iPad.
 What appears on the projector screen.

That's about it; once you've entered your passcode, you should see the projector go black real quick, then start mirroring your iPad screen!