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New PD Model Pilot

A lot has changed for me since I started working in this district.  I've worked in a number of schools, and for a time I thought I was cursed as nearly every school I worked at was slated for closure or was actually closed at one point.  Now I only work at one school, as a bunch of people weren't particularly interested in hanging out with us anymore and went their own way.  While working at one school has changed significantly what I have been able to do in the classroom, one area that has not changed all that much since I've started is technology professional development.  I'm out to change that.

The soon-to-be-completed RSU #20 Technology Plan for 2016-19 puts professional development at the center of our goals for the next three years.  Included in that goal is a call to explore new models of PD that go beyond the traditional sit-and-get model that gives PD its bad name.  As part of that goal, I will be piloting a new model at SES for the upcoming school year, beginning in the summer.  

Learn more about the Technology Professional Development Pilot Plan for SY 2016/17, beginning this summer.  All staff will be required to complete a plan before receiving a new staff laptop.