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1. How the Plan Works

As part of this model, staff will fill out a plan for what they would like to learn, and then identify ways to use what they learn in the classroom.  Staff will work with me at every step of the way, from identifying learning goals, to curating resources to help them learn, and ultimately, integrating what they've learned into the classroom.  This plan also allows for expanded flexibility, in that staff can choose to work as independently as they like, or with as many people as they like.  For those staff who are independent with learning and using technology:  Great!  Full speed ahead!  If you're not one of those staff, though, no worries!  We can build the right amount of support into the plan that you need.  In either case, I will be there to help you at every stage of the way.

Finally, as part of this plan, I developed this model so that technology professional development can become something that happens on a teacher's terms, schedule, and pace.  After finalizing the first parts of the plan, staff will document the time they are spending working on the learning they set out to do in their plan.  Upon completion of the plan, staff will be rewarded contact hours for the time they spent working on their plans.

For more information on why I have created this new model, check out the "Why a New Model?" page.  You can also view the Plan sheet that will be used for this plan.  Otherwise, feel free to check out the rest of the links on the right side of the page at the top.