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3. View the Plan Template

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1:  Nouns and Verbs

Here, teachers will identify what they would like to learn, and how you might want to use it.  Step 1 is filled out through Google Forms.  Teachers will fill out the survey linked above, and Mr. Cyr will place your responses into a Google Doc like the one below.  Teachers will meet with Mr. Cyr to discuss their plans, ideas, and potential areas for revision, and make any necessary changes.  When all parties involved are satisfied, the document will be printed out, signed, and filed, and the teacher will proceed to step 2.

Quick note:  for teachers who are working in a group on the same project, I will still need each individual teacher to fill out Step 1.

Part 1 Template

Follow this link to the form you need to fill out for part 1!

Step 2:  Resources and Content

After committing to a plan, teachers will then begin identifying learning materials and resources to help gain new knowledge.  Materials and resources can both be things (websites, books, magazines, coursework, etc.) and people (your group partners, another teacher, Mr. Cyr, etc.).  In this process, teachers will be looking for materials and resources to help them learn the tools you are using (the noun), as well as how to use it in their context (the verbs).

Step 2 will be shared out as a Google Doc by Mr. Cyr.  Teachers working in groups will only need to submit the form they worked on as a group.

Part 2 Template

Step 3:  Review and Action Plan

In this step, teachers will reflect on the learning that has taken place.  Teachers will describe what they have learned through the course of this project, and find some new ways to use that learning in their practice.

Each individual will fill out their own form.  Coming soon, there will be a Google Form survey to complete this similar to the one in step 1.

Part 3 Template