I am a caring digital citizen when I:

  • stay away from online bullying

  • use technology to make people’s lives better and show that I care.

  • use the Internet to connect with causes that I am passionate about and learn more about role models that I look up to.


When people use the Internet to hurt others, they often rely on the fact that no one will be watching.  This is certainly true with kids, who often try to exploit their greater knowledge of technology over the people who should be watching them--namely, their parents and teachers.  Just like in their offline lives, we need to develop character traits in students consistent with the idea of doing the right thing when nobody's watching.

Technology brings people closer together, regardless of where they are.  As a result, we have more opportunities to learn about people in need than ever before, as well as having new tools for mobilizing resources to help those people.  Students should have opportunities to learn about what they can do to help others, whether it be in their community or far, far away.


  • Maine Learning Results - Guiding Principles

    • D. Responsible and involved citizen

      • “Participates positively in the community and designs creative solutions to meet human needs and wants.”

      • “Understands and respects diversity.”

      • “Displays global awareness and economic and civic literacy.”

      • “Demonstrates awareness of personal and community health and wellness.”

Lessons from Common Sense Media